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R113 Idk why but I really really don't like Luke Evans. He's gone back in the closet as well and his niceness just seems so forced and fake. Richard's jacket is definitely a thicker weight, different fabric, and the lighting is nearly the same; oversaturated from camera flashes.

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Tell me more about fan girls and trolls and your oblivious opinions on someone you don't know.

I abuse my rock hard cock with your outrage.[R95] you clearly do not work in the industry. Why is it so important to you for Richard Armitage to be straight? In the meantime, try to get to term with it, I don't want you to commit something foolish in the unlikely (but is it? Richard Armitage was straight as a straight man can be but he had a misfortune to meet Lee Pace in all his beauty and he declared himself gay, right there and then, like that gaylord diver did a few days ago: "I'm a gay man now! That old ass Ian heard that and since he is nothing but an old jealous fart, he decided to name them and shame them, because if he can't be happy, why would they?

Also, that other dude Luke Evans, when he heard that Lee decided to be with Richard and not with him, said he would never be gay again since he can't have Lee so he declared himself straight forever.

That's exactly how things went in New Zealand so we can close this case.

Can't tell about the tie, however the ties do have creases right down the middle in both sets of pictures...[quote]Does Richard have any sense of humor? I'm sure if it were whoever-Richard's-co-star-is wearing his clothes you'd be gushing about how cute it is.

he seems to always be deathly serious and grumpy On that tumblr site with the pictures of the suit/tie is a link to a video interview with Richard. Well Lee and Richard sharing clothes - even if they're only wearing the same design of clothes - is cute as hell. And no, it's not the same fabric, but believe what you want to believe, I guess. It's identical in construction, it would be bizarre if it wasn't at least the same jacket that they both purchased separately by coincidence.

They also copy and paste other people's shit and present it as their own.

They post about stuff that happened months ago as well.[quote]They hire people with an IQ of 20 to write for them.

R46, that picture, even at a lower resolution, I still see the same differences.

Look at the how the jacket on Lee creases around the chest/shoulder area, but doesn't on Richard's.

The jacket is the same, the defect in the lapel is visible in both shots.