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One of the names which the Pretender takes when he comes to England. Landlord of the " White Horse " inn at Tun- bridge Wells. An old toper who frequents the " Gave of Harmony." 8h.

The - poor and proud wife of the Earl of Bareacres. In Brussels, at the time of the Battle of Waterloo, she snubs Becky Sharp, and then offers her social favours when she needs Becky's horses to escape from the city.

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He has known Elizabeth Prior from a child, be- friends her shiftless family, and recommends her to Lovel as a governess, and, though he rather fancies himself in love with her, does not find himself heartbroken when she marries his friend Lovel. — Same as Captain George Touchit in Wolves and the Lamb, the ear Uer work on which Lovel was founded.

A mild-mannered, senti- mental bachelor with literary am- bitions. The Museum, on which he lost part of his small fortune.

An Irish adventurer and gambler who is attentive to Lady Castlewood.

Same as Barry Lyndon, the hero of the story of that name. Barry Lyndon's mother ; a handsome, thrifty, energetic Irishwoman. She had the largest of hoops and the hand- somest of furbelows. She manages his Irish property and tries to look BAR 12 BAW after him when he gets badly in debt, and takes care of him after he is imprisoned in the Fleet. ^ jthe' world (ojrfy that is a caivfc^phrase), greedy, pompous men, perfectly^ , self -satispgd for the mos^/{5art, and at ease about their superior virtuei, Dbb Tj m and poor Brig gs are the only . Amelia's is to come when her, scoundrel of a husband is well dead with a ball in his odious bowels, when she has had sufferings, a child, and a religion. But she has at present a quality above most people, whizz — EOVE — by which she shall be saved." Amelia Sedley finishes her education at Miss Pinkerton's Academy a^^ goes home, taking with her for a visit her fellow^upil and friend L^d Ss Sca- Sharp. He spends nearly a third part of his life and income at his dinner, or on his whiskey at a tavern ; more than another third portion is spent in bed. He scorns a man who puts his h's in the wrong place, and spits at a human being who has not had a University education." Ch. D., was said to have been the original of Bardolph of Brase- nose. He can still put a slang song into Greek iambics, or turn a police report into the lan- guage of Tacitus or Herodotus ; but it is difficult to see what accomphshment beyond this the boozy old mortal possesses. — A member of the Garriok Club, mentioned only as J. At a later period she tries to BAR 10 BAR overawe Becky at Gaunt House, but is routed by the latter's sharp tongue. He begs railroad shares from Jeames de la Pluche and wishes Jeames to marry his daughter Lady Angelina.