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*^v^* W ogóle śmieszna sprawa - Robert czytał tę książkę na czytniku a ja zupełnie niezależnie wzięłam ją z półki w bibliotece!

As far as reading, I've been struggling with "Computing with Quantum Cats. I won't pretend I understand much more that verbs and pronouns...

Ale wybór mocno przemyślałam i rzeczywiście zgromadziłam taki wybór barw, który jest już skończony i pozwala mi na wszystko.

^^*~~ But in my defence I really thought the choice of colours through and now I have the complete (for my needs) palette.I bought single pans and half pans and I had to find some container for all of them, and the cough pastilles were very handy!She died in 2009 in California under the name Dina Babbitt.Among the clandestine art is the so-called Auschwitz Sketchbook by an unknown author.There are St Petersburg pans in the top row, Karmański pans in the bottom row and the small ones are the Talens Van Gogh half pans.

Don't get fooled by the dry paints look, the shades really are different (and the pan in the lef bottom corner is a nice violet and not a black gold ^^).

It is the first time it is being shown to the general public.

The Sketchbook is housed at the museum and only shown on request.

Also being displayed is the original Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Sets You Free) gate top that was stolen and retrieved in 2009 and is now kept under guard at the museum.

From 1940-1945, some 1.1 million people, mostly European Jews but also Poles, Roma and Russians, were killed in the gas chambers or died from starvation, excessive forced labour and disease at Auschwitz, which Nazi Germany operated in occupied Poland.

The Face To Face: Art In Auschwitz exhibition opened at the Kamienica Szolayskich (Szolayski Tenement House) of the National Museum in Krakow last week to mark 70 years of the Auschwitz Museum.