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He is then comforted by Bernadette and the rest of their friends and Sheldon also comforts him, telling him that he has friends who will always be there for him, something Sheldon didn't have when his father died.

Later that night, he and Bernadette leave for Florida for the funeral ("The Comic Book Store Regeneration").

Howard eventually proposes marriage to Bernadette and she accepts ("The Herb Garden Germination").

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Howard is introduced to Bernadette Rostenkowski by Penny who is dating Leonard.

Leonard told Penny about a girlfriend pact he made with Howard where when one of them got a girlfriend, they would try and set the single guy up with a single female friend of that girlfriend.

Howard and Bernadette get married on the roof of the apartment building with all 5 of their friends, ordained as ministers to marry them.

He then takes off to outer space from Russia with his friends and new wife watching ("The Countdown Reflection").

Howard and Raj form a band, the gang has Thanksgiving at Mrs.

Wolowitz's, he has to deal with his mother's death and Bernadette finds out she is pregnant.

As the best friend of Rajesh Koothrappali, Howard often hangs out at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment with him.

Although he's the only member of the group lacking a doctoral degree, he defends himself by pointing out that he not only has a Master's degree in Engineering from MIT, but also designs important devices like the "space toilet" used at the International Space Station.

He began working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Deep Space Operations Center prior to the series, and he has his own mechanical engineering lab.

Howard designed a satellite which is currently orbiting Jupiter's largest moon taking high-resolution digital photographs and remotely repairs satellites on a regular basis.

Rostenkowski (mother-in-law) Joey Rostenkowski (brother-in-law) 4 other siblings-in-law (via Bernadette) nieces and nephews (via Bernadette) as well as the one and only main supporting protagonist of the show.