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Research carried out by the charity Refuge actually shows the opposite: two-thirds of women who seek help have already left or are trying to leave.Often they have nowhere to go, but the threat to themselves or their children is too great to stay.

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Religion is losing one argument after another, from abortion and contraception to gay marriage.It’s one of the best things that’s happened in my lifetime.You don’t need me to tell you that’s almost four hours a day, a statistic which seems incomprehensible if (like me), you almost never turn on the TV.I don’t spend four hours a day preparing food either, but cooking dinner is one of the highpoints of my day.The poorer people are, the more likely they are to eat unhealthily, but time is also an issue.

Lots of people say they don’t have time to cook, yet British adults spend an average of 27.5 hours watching their televisions each week.

Not me, guv: my hips are fine and I’ve never so much as sat in a wheelchair.

The name, address and date of birth were all correct, but clearly the hospital had mixed me up with another patient.

The message is forget about old men in the sky, treat other people well, stop imagining an afterlife and enjoy the only one we know actually exists.

I could listen to Fry for hours but he sums up a non-religious approach to the big questions of life in two or three minutes. At a dinner hosted last week by the BHA, the television presenter Dan Snow declared that we’re living through the triumph of secularism.

It doesn’t make any difference whether I’m cooking for myself or expecting friends; I love making tagines, risottos, cous cous, pasta with home-made sauce or fish with roasted vegetables.