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POPULATION The estimated population of the East Bay is 549,187, based on the number of individual names in the alphabetical section of the Directory, with due allowance for women and children, whose names are not included.Territory immediately adjacent, v/hich is part of the city, as far as business and social life are concerned, is included in the Directory."Tlie Directory is the common intermediary between Buyer and Seller." As such it plays no small part in the daily doings of the business world."More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Directory Section than through any other medium." MUNICIPAL PUBLICITY The Directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the city, depicting in truthful terms what it has to offer as a place of residence, as a buisness location, as an industrial site, and as an educational center. POLK & COMPANY DIRECTORY LIBRARY There aie over 400 of these Directory Libraries in the chain.The advertisements have been carefully grouped by departments and are indexed under headings descrip- tive of the business represented.

This is reference advertising at its best, and as such, merits a survey by all buyers keen to prime themselves on source of supply.

To give emphasis to their desire to broadcast this information over the country, the publishers have placed copies of this issue of the Directory in Directory Libraries, which are maintained in all the larger cities of the country, where they are readily available for free public reference and serve as per- petual advertisements of Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley, for business men the country over realize that the City Directory represents the community as it really is. One of them is maintained at the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

The publishers invite use of it by the public whenever in the need of information ect dr opp Lawton av e to isuena V uta av ACACIA LANE — tm Keuwoud rd 1 e Detroit ACTON PLACE — im Atliui uv and K l Ut U Lester a T 251 ADA — km Bryant av bo to Bway first 3 ot Manila, av AUAMS k'Di 252 Lee ne.

;c»n Agei R-y 53 Mitchell & Austin 69 Monteverde & Parodi Inc ( vs^ifierl l^ib Insert Montgomery Ward & Co 55 Morris Plan of Oakland .. ;s and 5 1 Retailers Credit Assn of Al^.raoia Coi nty .... Simpson John right top lines and 61 Spencer Collection Service » 54 Steffensen A bac V cov r and 68- Sunset Mausoleum ► .... Fred T^Woci Ii,.- 69 White Star Co 62 Whitthorne & Swan 56 V/,t Ler Dean & Co 49 Wood Charles M f'^o t cover and 69 INTRODUCTION R. The enviable place occupied by Polk's directories in offices, stores, libraries and homes throughout our country causes the publishers to forecast the belief that the Oakland directory ■wi W fulfill its mission as a source of authentic information of any and every kind pertaining to our city.

- 64 Nordquist Gus -ide ii les and 72 Oakland-Californa Towel v'n 2 Oakland Chamber of Comi . iibanum 54 Oakland Hotel Co Ta'.' Insert Oakland Title Insuraince & C ■ iranty Co 72 Pacific-Nash Motor Co - 43 Pearl Assurance Co '^p ': es and 60 Phillips Mercantile Agency 5^ Polytechnic College of Elngi , 7 I , '5 Jind 76- Porter F F Co -. front cover and Qj-.-sifieo Tab Insert Truman Co front co 'er, 3 and 57 Watkins Chas N Detective Service .. With an unrivaled organization having the courteous and hearty cooperation of the business and professional residents, the publishers feel that the results of their labor will meet with the approval of every resident of the city.

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