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Before the Final EIS, we released a Draft EIS on June 8, 2017, and took public comments until August 7, 2017.

We're proposing amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan in parallel with MHA implementation in urban villages throughout the city.

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Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) is a new policy to ensure that growth brings affordability.

MHA will require new development to include affordable homes or contribute to a City fund for affordable housing.

The City Council considers Comprehensive Plan amendments once each year.

Review a description of the 2017-18 Comprehensive Plan amendments for MHA implementation and visit our Comprehensive Plan page for more information. We have heard a wide range of views and captured those perspectives in our Summary of Community Input (22 mb).

To review the proposed legislation, the City Council will form a Committee of the Whole so that all Council members can review the MHA legislation in committee.

The Council will also conduct an extensive public engagement process before voting on the legislation, including lunch-and-learn events, public hearings, and community open houses.

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