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It's an all-new season in an all-new location: Pahkitew Island.

Given that the Cree word for "explode" is Pahkitew, it's no wonder that host Chris Mc Lean chose this new island to put a fresh collection of victims – er, contestants – through the most grueling challenges yet.

My question is, what are interviewers looking for with these questions? They’re mostly just looking to get a better sense of who you are — to flesh you out as a person who they’d be working with day in and day out rather than just as a resume and work history.

I mean, obviously I guess they want someone who is intelligent, can think on their feet (which I did not do), and has varied interests, but how do you convey that with these types of answers? Sometimes hearing that the guy who seemed shy and a little stiff actually loves Wes Anderson movies and Sarah Vowell can show a different side of him and make him more relatable. If you said Twilight, I’d wonder about your judgment for saying it in an interview — although it wouldn’t stop me from hiring you if you were otherwise great (but 50 Shades of Grey might).

Villains" theme take after respective seasons from Survivor.

Cartoon Network's official synopsis describes the first part, Total Drama All-Stars as: Total Drama: Pahkitew Island is the second part of the 26 episodes that Cartoon Network ordered in 2012 for the fifth season.

Christian Potenza first announced the season in an interview with Tom Mc Gillis (the creator of the series), saying that Total Drama All-Stars would be very similar to Total Drama Island and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, due to the high worldwide ratings of the latter.

That means that this part of the season takes place back at Camp Wawanakwa; in a single location once again, unlike Total Drama World Tour.I have a question about an interview that I’m pretty sure I bombed recently.Things were going fairly well until my interviewer asked me for my favorite book and favorite movie.This is the first season to feature characters from two different generations competing together. Villains" which means the competitors were separated into teams based on their past performance; with protagonists or "Heroes" from each season having to face off against each season's antagonists or "Villains".Both the season's first title, "All-Stars" and the "Heroes vs.It was first announced on June 11, 2013 as a sixth season, even though it is still part of Season 5.