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The Episode starts with Sanchi seeing patient’s husband standing outside the scanning room. Patient’s husband tells that his wife is taken for sonography.

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar It was like the best serial in the start but now has become like any other typical cheesy Indian serial Really I love ragini and neil I want them together Best T. show, fall in love with the neil and ragni Come back season 2Mast serial Baal Veer I am loving seeing it. I love baal veer in this dress very cool and his powers. It's a special love story, it proves "age" in love is just a number. Loving it I love this show because it is telling us a message that always be true, always tell truth and believe in truth if you not do any of this you are getting punishment like montu is troubling good children and he is getting punishment by baal veer. Superb serial I'm watching it in Tamil version due to exitement I started watching it in Hindi also., The love of raghav and kalpi so genuine very heart touching BGM Raghav., kalpi., kamala has lived their characters rather have given life to their characters Thapki Pyar Ki Nice story about Thapki, a kind girl struggling in her life just because of her little weakness of stammering.#All in all a good show with excellent actors and nice characters. Ek Nayi Pehchan Love Sakshi & Karan's blossoming chemistry. Really a good educating story which is very importan in this society (womens respect) I am a huge fan of krystle as I have told you all in comments of ek hazaroon mai. Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara Love - hate relationship... Savitri is shocked and asks him not to say this and says we will talk tomorrow. Malhotra says there is nothing to talk later and tells that Sunil came to know that Adarsh and I are doing illegal works in the hospital and he was about to expose her and handover us to police, so I have to killed him to protect myself. Savitri says I will handover you to Police as you have done a heinous crime. Malhotra asks her to listen to him and tells that even he worked for that hospital and he won’t let Sunil distribute their future in charity. Savitri is shocked and asks if he didn’t get shame to do this. While they were talking verbally, Savitri falls down on the glass table and gets unconscious. Now we have to make ourselves understand and have to live without him. Malhotra laughs and says I was very happy that he died, and tells that he was waiting for this day. Jaya helps her and tells that Sunil’s soul will have peace. Pregnant lady asks her to be with her and tells that she is feeling unwell. Maheshwari’s report is with Sanchi, if she sees the report.

He tells that he has no regrets as he killed him with his hands on the operation table as I wanted hospital fully. Savitri says she don’t want money which you got by killing him. She calls Jaya and tells that I need to tell you about Sunil. Malhotra snatches phone from her hand and throws it. Savitri tells that in those days, operation CD’s used to be made and now it is kept in City hospital. Her husband comes there and asks her to have something. Sanchi thinks he was upset and now happy, there is something wrong for sure. She takes report from her hand and says she will give to Neeta.

He gets a call from his close friend Rashi and makes a lie on studying but soon gets surprised to find her there. Shikhar asks her to join him but she continues to be angry and leaves.

She reminds him with her taunt that all the devils are there instead of hell.

Shikhar drinks with Aakash and wonders why good things come to end.

Aakash pulls the leg of Shikhar by suggesting on his failure.

She tells that Sanchi had written letter for you, which I have stolen so that you both don’t fight.