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As Peter was her husband it was deemed that the pic was OK if Rula didn't object. Karen was next and looked cocky because the live round had gone off. There was a round of applause and as she came down from an intense orgasm she shyly smiled and thanked everyone. "I really didn't think I could get off in front of a crowd but it was intense." Last up was Becky, her husband, Roger nominated Allan once more. "This pic is almost slutty, maybe it's a bluff." Clicking on it she found she had only to strip to her underwear.Simon, her husband, nominated Bill again so they took their places. "I guess I will have to get naked." She clicked on the link of a teenager in a dress. "I guessed right." She said and stripped quickly giving a twirl to show off. Let's choose a victim for the first one." Everyone said why not go in the same order and Saleen protested a little then said.Christine clicked on her chosen picture and it opened a page where she would have to be completely nude and even show off her pussy and arse.

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I have an idea but it might not work." I asked what he meant. "You know the porn sites where you click on the thumbnail and the woman strips some or all of her clothes." I nodded."Well there are varying degrees of that up to and including sex.Action over, she used a towel to clean herself up but not before Peter took pictures.A number of people asked about pictures and the decision was made that you had to ask first. "It was implied but why not just do it and stop worrying? " Karen stripped off and took the rabbit off the props table and, quite self-consciously, started to masturbate with it, soon becoming aroused and then losing track of others and coming like a steam train.There was a lot of noise about how the women would be showing loads soon and the others couldn't wait to see what was next. No more, so she did that and posed naked then re-dressed. "I had hoped it would have been the one with the man in it so I am disappointed." Rula stepped up and her husband Peter selected Mustafa as the man to interact should it be necessary, she clicked on a very restrained looking woman.

The pics loaded slowly and in the third a man popped up only to be undressed by the woman and sucked to ejaculation on her face, she didn't strip at all. "I thought the woman stripping was involved and Mustafa is going to come on Rula.You will get the best chance to choose an innocuous reveal." Mustafa said."I will choose Allan as the man to be involved if she is unlucky." There was some protest but it was decided that it was fair as neither Allan nor I could choose the pics as we had made the game."The other pages will build on the first one in what happens but whoever clicks on the link, and the nominated man will do whatever is depicted in the pictures shown." Allan went on."There have to be some rules unfortunately and the first is that condoms must be used in penetrative sex, you will not be with your own wife." "The second is that NO, means NO.She then slid his boxers off revealing a dark brown nine inch cock that she could hardly wrap her hand round. She complied and was getting very into it taking him almost all the way in her throat when he said, stiffly.