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One of the students Simon Lewis, however, was more intimately familiar with Helen through Clary and did not despise her.

Their friends and family had arrived, and Helen's suggenes was Jules.

After the ceremony, Simon came to hug her and passed on a message from Mark which brought her to tears.

Some time later at the New York Institute, Helen and her girlfriend Aline were speaking privately with Maryse Lightwood when Isabelle and Alec updated their mother on what they had been up to, particularly that they had found Jace, and Sebastian, as well as some of their plans through Clary.

Though surprised, Helen and Aline agreed not to reveal anything to the Clave.

They planned to get married in Idris with their friends and families on the first of December in 2009.

Aline's mother, being the Consul, made this possible by convincing the Clave to allow them to temporarily leave the island and stay in Idris for a whole day for their wedding.

In exchange, Helen would be paraded around the Shadowhunter Academy as a lesson for their students against faeries. Upon her arrival at the Academy, she was greeted with disgust and contempt and fear, just as the Clave had hoped for.

Helen was forced to tell the students the story—albeit a false one—of her parents, which she had also just found out—a story that also devastated her and made her momentarily doubt her nature.

Upon this realization, in addition to the information they received regarding the timing of Sebastian's attack on Alicante, the Clave prepared the city with elements to protect against the fey, such as cold iron and salt.

Because Helen is part-faerie, she was also somewhat affected by these implements, though only slightly.

After a brief conversation with Simon, she sent the couple of to their date.