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By this analogy the foreskin can be readily separated from the main body of the penis at the start of a circumcision.A variety of methods are, moreover, used to remove the foreskin, and the amount eliminated can also vary, depending on technique. Could it be that there is an underlying practical health, sex-related or evolutionary reason that would explain why circumcision is such a common procedure in many diverse cultures?In the erect state these numbers were 15% extra skin, 22% still covered, 32% half covered, and 41% glans bare. For example, in Malaysia, New Guinea, Sri Lanka and southern India the foreskin is very long and ends in a narrow extension that acts like a muzzle.

When it was asserted that the C-14 date was "distorted" by the possible use of a newer patch of cloth or the carbon from a fire in the 16th century that left several burn holes in the shroud, a test in 2008 confirmed the original C-14 dating of the 13th to 14th centuries by demonstrating that the piece of cloth previously used indeed was "representative of the whole." The carbon-14 date of the 13th to 14th century coincides with the shroud's first appearance in the historical record, in the possession of a French knight in 1360.

Thus, we are lacking a provenance for the shroud and can hardly make any scientific historical claim for its origin.

Shortly after the Shroud emerged it was declared a fake by the bishop who discovered the artist.

This is verified by recent scientific investigation which found paint in the image areas.

The Associated Press reported claims that the shroud bears type AB blood stains.

Perhaps this erroneous information has its origin in other fake shrouds of Jesus, since the Shroud of Turin's stains are not only suspiciously red (unlike genuine blood that blackens with age) but they failed batteries of tests by internationally known forensic experts.

The Shroud of Turin is a world-famous piece of cloth alleged to have been the burial garment of Jesus Christ. In this analysis, it should be kept in mind that the story of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and other Christian texts is demonstrably fictional, created in order to unify the Roman Empire under one state religion.

The shroud is held up by believers as evidence not only of Christ's existence but also of his divinity. In doing so, the Church forged hundreds of texts, which were constantly reworked, mutilated and interpolated over the centuries.

The amount of this skin varies from virtually none to a considerable amount that droops down from the end of the flaccid penis.

Thus, in some men, during an erection, the head of the penis peeks out from the loose foreskin that surrounds it.

But in men with a lot of foreskin the head of the penis remains covered, either partially or completely.