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(4) Then you have the internalized colorism issues.

Often a darker-skinned dysfunctional AA mother "hates on" her daughter if the daughter is lighter.

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These mothers are so BM-identified (and BM-son-identified in particular) that they never pay attention to how various trends affect their daughters.

Everything these type of women say and do is ALL about lifting up BM in general and their BM sons in particular.

Her primary activities focus on analyzing the financial performance and associated risk of agricultural decisions through the FARM Assistance program.

She also regularly conducts computer short courses relating to Quick Books Financial Software.

All of which operate to the daughters' detriment: (1) Many AA mothers are giving their daughters advice that's totally obsolete.

Strategies and world views that worked well enough many decades ago (before the AA collective became entrenched in underclass behaviors such as oow, mass paternal abandonment, etc.) are self-sabotaging poison in the modern environment.

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Jones has developed and implemented numerous educational resources in support of all segments of the agricultural industry including marketing, management, finance, and policy.

An effort to stand for justice and oppose the "ruinous traits" listed by Muslim scholars in all their forms: rancor, unhealthy attachments, malice, jealousy, vanity, stinginess, avarice, cowardice, indolence, arrogance, ostentation, heedlessness, anxiety, depression, and oppression. It looks like more than a few of the grown women who “got gotten” by this predatory male gave him all the information he needed to zero in on their weak/wounded points in order to take advantage of them: A woman who blabs this type of information to men obviously does not know the first thing about dating with dignity.

At this point, self-actualizing AA women and teenage girls need to understand that their own mothers just might be one of their greatest enemies.