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Galatians – AD 48–52 – The apostle Paul dealt with believers following Moses’s Law over the Gospel of Christ in his letter to the Galatians.

1 Peter – AD 58–63 – Peter wrote from Rome and his first epistle must have been before John could note the writings of the apostles in 1 John (1 Pet –13; cf. Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon – AD 60–63 – These letters were written during Paul’s first imprisonment as indicated by the apostle Paul in His writings (Acts –31; cf.Eph 3:1; 4:1; ; Phil 1:7, 13–16; Col ; Phile 1:1, 9–10, 13, 23).Mark may have also written his text before Caiaphas was removed in AD 36, because Mark wrote without noting the current High Priest’s name.However, Mark most likely wrote around AD 64 when was in the company of Peter in Rome.1 & 2 Thessalonians – AD 53 – According to 1 Thessalonians, Paul wrote this first letter when Timothy was reunited with Paul from Macedonia as described in Acts (1 Thess 3:1–6; cf. He wrote his second letter to the Thessalonians soon after 1 Thessalonians.

1 & 2 Corinthians – AD 55, 56–57 – Paul noted that he wrote this letter to the Corinthians from Ephesus in which he stayed there for some time (Acts –22; 1 Cor 16:8).In early times the questions of canonicity and authenticity were not discussed separately and independently of each other, the latter being readily brought forward as a reason for the former; but in the fourth century, the canonicity was held, especially by St.Jerome, on account of ecclesiastical prescription and, by the fact, the authenticity of the contested books became of minor importance.Acts – AD 58–60 – Luke clearly wrote Acts after Luke’s Gospel and finished Acts with Paul under house arrest in Rome (Acts –31).Because of the account of the beginning of the Church in Judea, Luke would have started this writing with those same Judean witnesses that he used for His Gospel.Were these texts written by the Apostle John, son of Zebedee, or by John the presbyter of Ephesus whom Papias mentions?