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Now it says he wants to chill for a couple of days... I thought it could be better if the endings were part of a complete sequence in a whole story line, rather than separate individual endings.

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Enter Charlie Mc Namara, an older man who’s arrived in Lake Grace on business.Sparks fly between Kim and Charlie, but he seems to have a hidden agenda and a past life he’s trying to hide.Three friends embark on a luxury cruise to celebrate their ten-year reunion in this heartfelt story of how long-held secrets can catch up with even the best of friends Life was about living, experiencing and emotions. SECRETS BETWEEN FRIENDS is a poignant novel of romance, family dynamics and friendship. Ricki, a dedicated nurse, harbours a dream she hasn’t chased. Jess, a school teacher and single mother to little Ollie, had a tough upbringing but found her way through with the help of her closest male friend, Peter. Abbie had it all: a career, a loving boyfriend and a future, but a visit to the doctor bears scary news.The different scenarios so good it made me play enough to get all five endings, and since each playthrough didn`t take too long I never got bored, plus the endings were not links this time so so actually got to see them. - Ask her about her new job: Wendy 1 - Ask her about her relationship with Terence: wendy 1 - Tell her that she looks amazing in black: wendy - 1; Achievement: "Like a dumbass trucker" - Help with the pump: wendy 1; Weed quest = ok (You need to find her weed) (drug is bad, hmmkay ?

) - Ask her if she could take a break: * If you kissed her, you go to the barn with her. Played this the most so far and is now my favorite, though i am sure it will be 1 of many favorites as i get to play the other games here.

s farm Ice cream cone Ask her if she want to get naughty Doesn?? t need to ask him about of Wendy, Trixie, or his mom Ask him about a weed for Wendy Gas Station Pass her a joint Kiss her from behind Ask her if she could take a break Doesn??

t matter order of this Rope Talk about Wendy [quest: Find a way to embarrass Wendy] Touch her boobs Back toy map C. t matter order of this Ask if she is available or not Ask what does she does after work Ask her about Trixie (doesn??

Trixie and Sharon are way hot, Wendy is good too but not so much (imho at least) pretty good game though it feels short and kinda straightforward.

Also, I`ll keep saying it until it is done: PLEASE GIVE US MORE KELLY.

t give any points but an achievement) Rope Take a photo of her Try to tease her Try to put your hand under her panties Raise her skirt a little Grab her boobs Take another picture of her Remove her top and untie her Take Wendy from behind [] or Apologize and leave If you took Wendy from behind Ride her faster Spread Wendy?? s house Ask about females Enter Gently caress her arm Try to flirt with her Back to Map C. that I can`t get to have sex with any of the girls x D To go uninterrupted with Sharon you need to have Wendy tied up on the secret place (you get the rope in Trixie`s barn) then go talk to Terence.