Dating a blood gang member

Let me know when you publish, so I can see how they look when they grow up.

What if Harry wasn't as trusting and more intelligent then what people give him credit for.

From time to time, I type this stuff up, and that is the crap you read here.

Enjoy and please R&RShortly after Mario and Peach get married, Peach gets kidnapped by the Koopalings without Bowser knowing.

As she escapes from Bowser's castle, she finds out disturbing things about the people close to her.

When he's force to side with the enemy in exchange for peace between the two nations, can he learn to change himself to live a better life? Rescued from the Negative Zone by the Fantastic Four, Harry Potter discovers he is a mutant and decides to take up the cause of equality between mutants and humans (among other causes).

How will a dimensionally displaced Harry Potter, one who is extremely intelligent, proactive and not afraid to get his hands dirty effect the marvel universe? Every person has a choice and every hero has a darkside.

Danny is no exception, will he become what he fears or will new allies and lover bring him back to the light.

Rated M for violence, lust, and maybe sex later in the story.Out in the wilderness he enjoying the fresh air and plenty of time to work in his shop.As a ferocious blizzard settles in for the night at his cottage he gets a knock at the door. The night the Nine-Tails appeared, Madara led the attack, hoping to destroy the Leaf Village once and for all.Picture that inspired A New Summer: Pics for Scooby Doo and the Grimwood Girls Phantasma: Sibella: Winnie: Story Threads (Fan Fiction Forums)That Red Haired Clan Hogwarts Rejection Letters UPDATE-6/4/2012The administrators of this site have begun cracking down on stories containing lemons or what they see as excessive violence.This is not only getting stories removed, but authors like Darth Dragen have been completely removed from the site with no warning at all.When Naruto and Sasuke meet during the Fourth Ninja War, the clash of sheer power sent out tears a hole in dimensions and they both get sucked in.