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But what she gives you, you’d better give back if you don’t you’ll end up as a tasty snack. Nor do we have any data to indicate that all, some, or even any of the Cougar Life members are as attractive as is portrayed in the TV commercial.

There is no dialog in the Couger TV commercial but the lyrics to the jingle infer that cougars (mature women) are wild and pretty, can make you moan, and will ‘make moves’ on you.

There's also Seeking Arrangements, which matches sugar babies and daddies, and Ashley Madison, an adultery dating site that usually pulls billboard stunts.

But perhaps there's expansion in Cougar Life's future.

Once he's got the soap and is walking back he hears three nuns approaching.

So he leaves the shower and runs to his room completely naked to grab some soap.

Cougar Life, a dating website that promises to fulfill Demi-Ashton fantasies, got attention for erecting this billboard on Sunset Boulevard. "Mother F***ers." Cindy Rocker, head of (we kid you not) "cougar relations" explained to that the Sunset Strip is the epicenter of, well, cougar relations.

Cougar Life is just one of many niche dating websites specializing in sleaze.

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'My drunk friend sent this to me at 4am.' Throws A Pass To Himself!

When the nuns walk past him they are suprised by how life-like the statue looks. 10 Times An NFL Punter SHOCKED Us With An Insane Play Super Twerk!