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During courtship, a man and woman must be willing to ask and answer deeper and more personal questions about each other as they explore their individual goals, ambitions, perspectives and life experiences.

In my many years of working with and counseling young singles—and with older singles, too—I have learned that it is incredibly important for men and women in a future mate.

The guests will be abundant and rapt in expectation. Even the air temperature will be perfect, and the sun will set with its most brilliant display ever!

He did it so we have a strong family setting in which to rear godly children (Malachi ), and in which all could be happy, experience His love and understand much more about Him, His relationship with Christ, and Christ’s relationship with the Church.

The ideal of wedded bliss in marriage is not some human imagination; it reflects the divinely inspired pattern of our loving Father who wants only the best for His sons and daughters.

This must be a personal list, developed by the individual considering marriage, but it should also benefit from input given by others who are older and who know the individuals well.

Parents and ministers and older married couples will often identify key qualities that an idealistic person in love may neglect. Consider that Remember that there may be some qualities that would be nice to find in a future mate, but that may not be essential.

once again, or should they be allowed to “rest in peace,” along with chivalry and the dodo bird?

What role do these concepts play in the life of someone who was previously married and is seeking a new marriage? 10–13), the dating norms of Satan’s world are far removed from God’s way.God will do this, if you ask Him, and then refrain from getting in a hurry and taking it into your own hands! Part of seeking God’s guidance involves seeking pre-engagement counseling with a minister who knows the couple well.This may require self-restraint and patience, yes, and also faith. And if He selects your lifelong mate, you’ll have the right one! No couple should assume that they are “too old” or “already experienced” and thus do not need the benefit of pre-engagement counseling.How can a couple be sure that their courtship is conducted in a godly way that will allow the best outcome?Here are some key points Harris brings out in his book: • It needs to be God-glorifying and wisdom-guided.Recognizing the difference between the “must have” and the “nice to have” qualities is vital for making wise and godly decisions without letting the heart lead one into a mistake that will later be regretted.