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Celebrities and dignitaries always seem to get off the hook when they get issued with a speeding ticket or parking fine.Last week, Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff – who was allegedly caught going at 87mph in a 50mph zone – became the latest sports star to have his speeding case thrown out of court because, as his lawyer was quick to point out, the notice of prosecution had not been issued within the specified time-limit. In fact, barely a week goes by where celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, doesn't come to the aid of some star in a sticky situation.A few years ago, law student Steve Lucas successfully appealed a fine and a driving ban when he was accused of travelling at 115mph in his 1.2-litre Fiat Punto.

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Although the police are unlikely to be satisfied with a letter saying that you simply can't remember which member of your family was driving on the day in question, Jaimini says that this argument may hold water if you can provide a reasonable explanation as to why you can't be sure.For example, if you had been moving house, and several members of the family had driven in the same car down the same piece of road on the day in question, it could plausibly be difficult to nail down who was driving at a certain time of day.If the authority cannot supply this, your appeal should be upheld.Ultimately, if you are unsuccessful in your original appeal, you can go to court.In that way, you will know whether your money has been well spent.

This system has worked for hundreds of Finger Lakes businesses. The first information we need is the name of your business and your contact information. Call (315) 781-7000 or e-mail us now to get started.As of the end of March, it became legal for local authorities to send parking tickets out in the post, rather than having to leave them on your windscreen, but this doesn't change your right to appeal.If you're unsuccessful with your original appeal, you can take your case to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal at "One very senior council official admitted to me that cases are only really ever looked at properly once the matter gets to the level where it's about to go to the adjudicator," adds Segal.There may be some questions you’ve never thought about. We will keep in touch with you through your entire campaign. Hundreds of Finger Lakes and regional businesses do business with us every month. Our goal is to help you create a “Unique Competitive Advantage” that is sustainable.