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What does success look like for a project like this? But with a product that contains community, we are lucky to have other metrics that can gauge success – like engagement on and off the site.The average play session for our players is well above the average for online games – 60 minutes.

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How much grassroots community has grown up around ? Our fan community is truly epic and it is always a great source of pride when I work on a brand that can inspire one.

In addition to the vibrantly engaged communities that we have developed on social media sites, there are many fan-run communities on those same social media sites with numbers that rival our own.

Plus, we have thousands of fan blogs and fan sites that act as citizen journalists, reporting on news within our world of Jamaa, including new items, opinions on new content and guesses of what’s to come.

We only interact on our brand controlled channels, but the kids know we are paying attention since we respond to their feedback whenever we can via new content features or promotions. Has mobile taken its toll on you, as it has for my own games production? Our goal is to create an enduring and trustworthy children’s property, so we look at mobile as an opportunity.

Thanks – I always love it when we can turn a discipline from the game into a positive parent interaction.

As far as other behaviors/activities, where do I start?I manage a large team of human monitors, all background checked and thoroughly trained, who constantly verify and improve our rules, guidelines, triggers and settings to ensure we are doing the most we can daily to keep that information secure – both according to the law, but also above and beyond, for the sake of our brand and for the players. For example, should the parent wish to allow their child to type “Yaaaaay! ” they could change the setting to Safe Chat that allows words to be typed outside of the dictionary.Conversely, a parent could choose to limit their child’s interaction to Bubble Chat, which only allows their child to choose from pre-selected phrases.As we expand into non-US markets, we will seek to achieve similar best practice status within each territory.And what does COPPA compliance mean for you in practice?COPPA compliance ensures that we are doing everything we can to keep children’s personally identifiable information safe and secure and that we are keeping their parents aware of what our information privacy practices are. Our default chat setting is Restricted Chat, meaning that players can interact with each other using only words in our pre-selected dictionary.